Open Mic Night in Metuchen!

Some Metuchen Fridays are more special than others. There are Fridays in June for instance. If you’re from town, you know what happens Friday nights in June. Then there’s Open Mic Night at the Brewed Awakening Café. For the past several years, the Open Mic night has been a labor of love of sorts for Danny Adlerman. A local champion and promoter of Music. Though we suspect his real love is celebrating music with children! Together with his wife, Kim, the Adlermans has generously given time and effort for love of everything Metuchen! Proof of this is Open Mic Night.
OPEN MIC NIGHT is always a treat as you never really know what you’re going to hear. For sure though, it’s always great music, great fun, great peeps with great talent, great dessert and coffee/tea drinks care of our local fav haunt Brewed Awakening.
Tonight we brought our hands to applaud, ears to listen and just generally enjoy local folks mingle about. Good times.
Open Mic Night!
Brewed Awakening Coffeehouse
417 Main Street, Metuchen, New Jersey 08840


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