New ‘Chicks’ in Town

We’ve been wondering when this new sweet confections (2 Chicks with Chocolate) by the train station will open. So it was a nice surprise to see the OPEN sign in front of it. We were a tad late as we’ve come to know they had their soft opening on Monday, May 24. They’ve been keeping the opening hush-hush and according to Elyissia, they’re still getting their sweet groove on and adding more treats in.
The afternoon we were there, there were a couple of customers as we were greeted by a warm welcome. the store smells of course with sugar goodness and the decor smart and tasteful (no pun).
Elyissia gave us the rundown of the goods on display. Free samples are readily available. We’ll stop writing now. Head on over to their site for more information.
2 Chicks with Chocolate

What do you do when life hands you lemons? Well, if you’re 2 Chicks with Chocolate founder Elyissia Wassung’s mom, you by-pass the lemonade thing entirely and go straight for the chocolate! When a disabling car accident left her unable to commute to work, Elyissia’s mom turned to making chocolate in her kitchen as a way to bring home the bacon! Elyissia would load up her shopping cart and venture down her Queens, New York, blocks going door to door to sell all she could, until one day some neighborhood bullies stole her candy and her money! She learned then that the risks of owning one’s own business were greater than she thought, but by then she was already bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and well-launched in the chocolate business!
Following her Mom’s advice to “never take no for an answer”, Elyissia knew she would follow her heart and make a change. Despite being in a lucrative telecom job while managing her chocolate business, Elyissia decided to get really serious about taking the chocolate industry by storm. She left her telecom job and has been happily immersed in the chocolate world ever since. Her goal is to bring inspiration through chocolate and to make 2 Chicks a household name that people will not soon forget!
The other “Chick” is Elyissia’s Mom, Barbara – also known as “Chick 2”.
Elyissia’s Mom set the high standard for chocolate for Elyissia at a very young age. In their Queens, NY they had quite a following, and at a very young age, Elyissia remembers telling her Mom that she should make a true business out of it. Who knew that at such a young age Elyissia was already on her way to deciding her career path?


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