Fuce 5k 2016

The Fuce 5K is an event sponsored by the Fuccile Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the service and support of local families affected by tragedy.
Michael Haake is a 49 year old man that has lived in Metuchen for the past 20 years. He is the devoted husband to Jean and the loving father to Emily who is 9 and Jake who is 6. Mike has worked for Barclay’s Capital for the past 11 years as an Operations Manager. He loves spending time with his family, he loves to play golf, the guitar, taking his family to the beach or the pool, he likes to ride his bike or just walk through Metuchen. In 2014, Mike was diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei, a colon/appendix cancer. Over the past two years he has gone through many surgeries as well as many chemotherapy treatments. He is a nice man with a fighting spirit. Mike and his family are extremely appreciative and humbled by all of the support they have received.
Karen Capron is a 44 year old from Metuchen. She has lived in Metuchen her whole life, the past 19 years with her husband Frank. Karen is the mom to triplets Frank, Anna and Emma who are freshman at Metuchen High School and twins Alana and Daniel, sixth graders at Edgar Middle School. She works at Campbell School as a paraprofessional. Karen loves spending time with her family especially at the beach, hiking, or just walking through Metuchen. Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. In April, she had surgery to remove two cancerous tumors. She is currently going through treatment. Karen and her family are extremely appreciative and humbled by all of the support they have received.
The Hafez family. We are a caring, loving family living in Metuchen for the past decade. The family consists of the parents, Marwa and Joseph and three daughters. Nancy is a 2015 graduate of Metuchen High School and current Rutgers University freshman, Yasmine is a sophomore in Metuchen High,and the youngest, Jenna, is a second grader in Campbell School. Nancy and Yasmine play active roles in serving the community of Metuchen. Before the incident, the father lost his job back in September. On October 10th, 2015 the family, like most of Metuchen went to the annual street fair to help out the Breaking the Chain through Education booth. In the mist of helping, Nancy received a call from a neighbor saying their house was on fire. Thanks to the Metuchen Fire Department, the structure fire was put out within a few hours and the family dog, Bella, was rescued from the fire. We have lost our furniture and most of our belongings. Our family recently moved out of a family member’s apartment into a temporary townhouse in Cliffwood,NJ for the next couple months until our house is rebuilt. Our family commutes to Metuchen everyday in order for their children to go to school and proceed with their normal lives. Thanks to the support and kindness of friends, neighbors and the community, we are progressing each day.
Theodore “Theo” Clark is a 13-year-old student at Edgar Middle School in Metuchen, where his favorite subject is math. He likes hanging out with his friends, vacations at the Jersey shore and exploring the latest video games. In October, a lump on Theo’s neck was diagnosed as Synovial Cell Sarcoma, a rare from of cancer that requires aggressive treatment. Since then, he has spent many nights at the Bristol Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson. The doctors say he is responding well to his treatments including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. He has endured a long list of real and potential side effects with a strong positive attitude. Theo is confident in his recovery, and thankful for support from friends and the community.


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